Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery

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Typical and devoted Australian Whovian, Sherlockian, Potterhead, Merlin fan. Dedicated Cumberbitch.
Lover of all things British- (particularly the men) and appreciator of the down to earth. I unashamedly adore period dramas, gay consulting detectives and their doctors', tea, Rose Tyler and Disney.

"The world is quiet here."
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So last night my mum wouldn’t let me have any sweets because she said they were all for the trick or treaters so i put this mask on and went out the back door and went around to the front and said trick or treat and she didn’t recognize me and she said “since i don’t think we’ll be getting any more tonight you can the rest of this bag my daughter will have them otherwise” and then i went back in

i love myself

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adulthood is just an endless stream of phone calls you don’t want to make but have to

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Lily. Lovely Lily. She was exceedingly bright, your mother. One of the brightest I ever taught. Vivacious, you know. Charming girl. I used to tell her she ought to have been in my House. Very cheeky answers I used to get back too.

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery turned 3 today!

Let other pens dwell on guilt and misery turned 3 today!

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favourite buffy x tara moments

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marvel actors fangirling over other marvel actors

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